About us

Latvian Association for Environmental management (LAEM) - is a non-governmental organization, designed to join efforts of all stakeholders,  interested in  promotion and implementation in Latvian  enterprises and municipalities patterns of sustainable consumption and production, systematic approach to environmental management  and principles of local sustainable development.




  • Organizing on-site seminars for industrial enterprises and local authorities to exchange experience  in  Cleaner Production and environmentally friendly activities

  • Joint projects with local and foreign partners to built up a capacity in cleaner production, environmental management systems and principles of sustainable consumption implementation in Latvia

  • Development and maintenance of the data base containing the best examples of implemented principles of environmental management

  • Information dissemination on environmental management systems implementation methods

  • Representing  interests of enterprises in legislative activities

  • Development and updating  LAEM homepage to provide information exchange and access to the latest environmental solutions

  • Cooperation with local stakeholders (industrial and branch associations, academia, research centers, etc)

  • Establishing contacts with kindred organizations abroad to exchange an experience

  • Providing assistance to enterprises in the EU environmental  requirements implementation